about me


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Hi! I'm Zade.

I'm a senior majoring in Astronautical Engineering 🚀 and minoring in User Experience 👨🏽‍💻 at the University of Southern California ✌️ set to graduate in May 2021.

I am a human-focused Product Designer 📱 who loves designing tools for the user. I also love data visualization 📊 , outer space 👾 and NFTs 🌐 . You will often find me exploring new interests like political infographics, voter guides, and 3D design.

Please reach out if you want to chat or are looking to hire 🤩 !!


me in 3D resume form

drag it around!

made using the wonderful spline.design

me in ~not as fun~ 2D resume form


more about me

what i'm listening to

😷 Tissues by Finn

🆓 I'm Free by Current Joys

🕒 Be Your Own 3am by Adult Mom

🇦🇺 Australia by The Shins

💌 Me & You Together Song by The 1975

🐌 Friday by Freak Slug

🎶 45 by Bleachers

📽️ Film Credits by Club Kuru

favorite musicians

🥾🌍 The 1975

🇨🇦 Alvvays

things i love

🚀 Space

🗺️ Maps

🛹 Skateboarding

🎶 Concerts*

🧥 Hoodies

🎨 Figma

🏗️ Legos

🤝 Going to Meetups*

🕹 Minecraft

🧩 Puzzles

🔲 Rubik's Cubes

♻️ Logos

🌍 Geoguessr

*these activities are on a hiatus, of course.

resources i love

📈 Zerion (cryptocurrency asset viewer and manager, specifically the iOS app)

💉 Bloomberg COVID-19 Vaccine Tracker (updated daily, state/country breakdown)

🎞️ beta.film.ai (massive, searchable collection of film stills)

👾 Space Grotesk (the best font of all time)

🖍 Contrast (macOS app that checks color contrast ratios to ensure accessible design)

🎨 Grabient (beautiful gradients)

🧊 Spline (easy to use 3D design tool)

Zero (beautiful app to track my intermittent fasting)