→ live-updating platform sharing the status of grocery store items for shoppers during covid-19 ✅

→ ui/ux design 👨🏽‍💻

→ mar 22, 2020 🗓

figma file | dev post 🔗 ← please explore!

→ made in 24 hours for the EndCoronavirus.org Hackathon 🖥️


I served as the UX Designer for this Hackathon project, and I also presented the final product to the judges at the end of the event. I worked alongside my brother who was the Developer.

about Goodspaces 🛒

This product was built during the EndCoronavirus.org Hackathon just as the Coronavirus was starting to hit the United States with force. The product was thought up by my brother and I after we had spoken with the elderly in our neighborhood on the phone. They were collectively worried to risk going shopping without knowing if what they needed was in stock.



At the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic, there was an extreme issue in America with panic buying. Consumers nation-wide faced food and resource shortages at their local grocery stores.


This led to people being unable to acquire key shopping list items which disproportionately affected the elderly and disabled, because more trips to grocery stores were now needed.


Goodspaces is a live-updating platform sharing the status of grocery store items. The platform updates users on what items are out of stock, running low, or back in stock.

Users can check what is in stock at their local stores before they leave to optimize trips and minimize exposure. They can also request the status of certain items if needed. Store-goers and grocery store employees can help their community by updating the shelf status.

the product

The user is greeted with a home page stating what Goodspaces can do for them and prompts them for a zip code in order to tailor their experience.


Once the user enters their zip code, they're shown a visual of stores nearby accompanied by a written list for those users looking for a particular store.


Once a user chooses a store, they're shown what products have been verified as in stock, running low, or out of stock. They can see the active requests for the location and have the option request an update.


Those publishing a status update can list out as many products as they desire under each category. This way if the user wants to fulfill multiple requests at once, they only need to publish one update.


what i learned

Creating a product for a global crisis puts pressure on the work to solve problems rather than invent new ones. This taught me to design with a purpose and with the target audience in mind. I learned to look at the product as a tool to help others rather than something enjoyable to look at and fun to use.

embedded Figma file

feel free zoom in 🔎 and check out my design :)