→ NFT fractionalization product allowing users to create investment DAOs 🧩

→ ui/ux/interaction design, prototyping 👨🏽‍💻

→ sept 2021 - oct 2021 🗓

figma file 🔗 ← please explore!


I was sought out and brought on by the founder to fully reimagine the Koop website and chrome extension. I was the only designer and was set to focus on user flow for creating a NFT fractionalization DAO or 'Koop'. Within these Koops, I was to also design features that encouraged collaboration and communication for the participating users.

about Koop 🤝

Koop is a website and chrome extension that allow users to fractionalize NFTs by creating their own public or private investment DAO with other Koop users. Just by connecting their cryptocurrency wallet and choosing an NFT, the user can create their own Koop through the product's UI. Once the Koop is created, users can create and vote on proposals that decide how much the NFT will be relisted for.


The previous design lacked user-focused features once a Koop had been created. The product's interface had the potential to help foster a community within each Koop, but was not doing so. The design elements also lacked approachability and an enjoyable social feel that the founder wanted to achieve.


The new design allows for a world of new community-focused features for the user. The user is now presented with a new Browse feature for when users are looking for new Koops to join. This search can be filtered by sort, NFT type, and Koop type.

view the figma file here!


There is also a a detailed member view, can chat with other users, and submit/view proposals within the Koop.


The Chrome extension design allows the user to join an existing Koop and/or fully customize a new Koop, routing the user to the website to set that Koop live at the last step.

starting a public Koop
starting a public Koop

starting a private Koop
starting a private Koop

embedded figma file